History of Jula International

     Our Business of Christian Religious Articles was started domestically in the 1950's in a small scale by our MD’s Grand Father Jebamaalai Morais. Our MD's father Mr.J.S.A.Morais continued this business till 1997, and in addition he imported religious articles to a limited extent mostly through postal and small sea imports. Our Managing Director Mr.Ashok Larive Morais right from his college days had a vision to be lndia's Largest Distributor of Italian Christian Religious Articles. He admired Exports and Imports since college days and felt the need of Italian Christian Religious Articles for Our Indian Customers. With this VISION IN MIND he did his Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade Management and gained enough knowledge regarding foreign trade by working at a Japanese Multi National Company in Madras. He also completed his Master's Degree in Business Administration(Marketing), keeping in tune with his management oriented interests. His vision has come true and our business has gone up to the extent of importing religious articles using 40 feet containers. We are Sole Distributors for whole of india for as many as 14 foreign companies based in Italy, Portugal etc., We have a Retail Network of around 152 Retailers (Private, Churches, Shrines and Basillicas) spread across the length and breadth of this country. As of now we are INDIA'S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF ITALIAN CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS ARTICLES.

     Mrs.Judy Larive Morais the Managing Director (MD) of Fatima Arts and wife of Mr.Ashok Larive Morais by her very nature is a person deeply inclined towards works of Beauty and Charm. Her major role is to source overseas products through the Internet. She sources new types of Italian Christian Religious Articles such as Rosaries, Pendants, Statues, Keychains, Pictures etc., giving utmost importance to their workmanship and their beauty. She devotes much of her time pondering over innovative products and explores latest releases in the foreign market that could be introduced in india. Fatima Arts is an Industrial unit and its major role is to manufacture and assemble rosaries. Which are Sold in the indian market to a vast extent.

Our Aim

 To provide our customers genuine Italian Christian Religious Articles with highest quality of workmanship at reasonable prices. ( Prices very much lower than the retail prices of our imported articles sold in Italy and lsrael).

 To be a leader in India in the field of Italian Christian Religious Articles.

 To explore internationally, innovative and newly introduced religious
   Articles suitable for our market.

 To provide top quality Religious Articles for those who believe that “a Thing of Beauty is a Joy forever”. Our customers do not bargain for a few tens or hundreds of rupees in comparison to the duplicated products for they understand the fact that a product for instance a statue would be appreciated even by his/her grand children in the years ahead for its beauty and workmanship which is worth much more its price.